Commercial Crime Insurance

At BMS, our team has vast experience working with companies protecting their balance sheets against financial losses related to business crimes. Any company can be tricked into making payments to third parties purporting to be someone they are not.

Human error or system failure can open businesses up to a multitude of fraud.

White collar crimes can be devastating for businesses and can lead to both financial ruin and significant reputational harm.

Many companies believe it is not if, but when they are the subject of a criminal act and therefore build Crime Insurance firmly within their risk management arrangements.

Commercial crime insurance can provide protection from financial losses, including theft, forgery and electronic crime.

Whilst robust controls and procedures can mitigate financial losses, organized criminals often devise sophisticated methods to circumvent the security of well managed businesses.

The policy provides protection for a number of perils related to crime, such as:

  • Social engineering fraud
  • Fraudulent electronic funds transfer instructions
  • Forgery or alteration of negotiable instruments
  • Theft, damage, or destruction of money, property or securities
  • Fraudulent manipulation of the insured’s computer system

Commercial Crime insurance is not something that can be easily dismissed. BMS can provide a full personal assessment of your needs and support you with advice on those key areas of risk that you should consider.

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