Cyber Incentives

The BitSight driven Cyber Insurance

In partnership with BitSight, BMS has created an insurance program to reward organisations that understand and improve their cyber risk as a part of their risk transfer strategy.

Cyber Incentives brings together a panel of leading cyber insurers dedicated to helping organisations improve their cyber risk.

By using BitSight’s leading analytics ratings platform, insurers will gain insights to your organisation’s cyber security posture, set achievable targets for improvement, and offer money back to those that make these improvements over the course of their policy year.

The benefits

Through Cyber Incentives, applicants can get:

  • Access to the BitSight Security Ratings Platform
  • Cyber Insurance quotes for, up to, five leading global insurers
  • Money back for improving cyber security posture
  • Expert risk transfer advice from a major Lloyd's broker
  • Guidance to understand their cyber risk and exposure

Cyber Incentives seeks to measure improvement beyond a simple application form and incentivise organisation’s to continuously develop their security posture. The program is available for businesses with over USD 250m annual revenue (or local currency equivalent) and can be offered to organisations in most regions around the world.

To learn more about Cyber Incentives, please complete all required form fields. Once you submit the form, the details will be reviewed by BMS and depending on which country you operate in, you will be contacted by your broker, a local broker associated with BMS or BMS directly to discuss the program.

*Due to local regulatory restrictions, BMS may not be licenced in the Country you operate in. If so, a local broker, selected by BMS, will contact you to discuss this program. If you’d like to work with your existing insurance broker on this, please leave your broker’s contact details and BMS will contact them to discuss the program.

*This program is only available to businesses with over USD 250m annual revenue.

Registration details

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