August 12th, 2021


PodChats for FutureCFO: Under the cover of insurance

By: Newsroom

In a podchat with Jose Tan for FutureCFO, Aris Wong, Managing Director for BMS in Asia, speaks about Asia Pacific's growing appetite for dealmaking and the potential "black swan" risks that may arise, severely crippling a target company or buyer if left unchecked. In this context, there is tremendous value that experienced M&A brokers can offer to finance professionals on both the buy and sell-side, when structuring a transaction.

Ultimately, insurance is all about weighing the cost-benefit analysis and finance professionals involved in dealmaking should seriously consider M&A as a foremost risk mitigation tool, while also helping to facilitate smoother and quicker deals.

Listen to Aris' podchat or read more about M&A insurance and the finance function here:

PodChats for FutureCFO Under the cover of insurance