August 22nd, 2023

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BMS Group appoints Tim Hewitt as head of Japan

By: Newsroom

BMS Group appoints Tim Hewitt as Head of Japan

  • Experienced lawyer and executive Tim Hewitt to lead BMS operations in Japan, focusing on insurance solutions for complex M&A transactions
  • The appointment will accelerate BMS Group’s strategic growth plans in Asia

BMS Group, the independent specialist insurance and reinsurance broker, has today announced the appointment of Tim Hewitt as Head of BMS in Japan. The appointment reaffirms the Group’s commitment to providing local specialist advice to its clients.

Mr. Hewitt’s initial focus will be to broker insurance solutions for inbound-outbound mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity as growth in the Japanese M&A market accelerates, and the need for complex risk mitigation tools for dealmakers rises.

Mr. Hewitt is a long-term resident of Japan and fluently bilingual in Japanese and English. He brings more than two decades of legal industry experience to his role. Prior to joining BMS, he was Associate General Counsel for a global private equity firm portfolio company, after several years there in legal leadership roles. He also spent several years as a lawyer specializing in M&A transactions at leading law firms in Tokyo and Sydney.

As a truly independent broker that represents clients, not insurance companies, BMS aims to establish itself as the preferred specialty insurance broker in Japan by helping buyers protect their investments and sellers reduce their liability post-deal closure.

BMS has four offices across Asia: in Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul and now Tokyo. The Group will continue to invest in the region as demand for local insurance solutions heats up.

Clients around the region also benefit from BMS’s vast global networks and expertise. In time, the Group will look to broaden its offering from Private Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions and Tax (PEMAT) specialist advice to other sectors in Japan with potential for specialty insurance brokering.

Sandra Lee, CEO of BMS Asia, said: “BMS is respected globally for our specialist market knowledge and strong personal relationships with clients and partners. Tim’s breadth of expertise will be invaluable in our strategy to expand our presence in Asia and strengthen our international PEMAT operations. We are very proud of this milestone, which will put BMS in a very solid position for long-term growth in the region.”

Tim Hewitt, Head of BMS Japan, added: “Growth in the Japanese M&A insurance market is accelerating, as comparatively low inflation and the stabilization of the yen continue to attract foreign investment opportunities. Having a local presence in Japan means we can offer insurance solutions tailored to the intricate M&A transactions for both inbound and outbound investments. In the short term, I look forward to working with our contacts in the market to raise awareness of the strategic use of M&A transaction insurance solutions as a valuable risk mitigation tool for dealmakers,” he said.


  • BMSグループ(本社:英国、日本法人:BMS Japan ()、以下BMS)はTim Hewitt(ティム・ヒューイット) を代表取締役に任命したことをお知らせします。
  • BMSは複雑なM&A取引における保険ソリューション提供に注力いたします。
  • この人事により、BMSグループのアジアにおける戦略的成長計画が加速されます。








BMSジャパン代表のティム・ヒューイットは、「日本のM&A保険市場の成長は、比較的低いインフレ率と円の安定化により、海外からの投資機会を引き寄せ続けているため加速しています。 日本に現地拠点を持つことは、インバウンドとアウトバウンドの両方の複雑なM&A取引に合わせた保険ソリューションを提供できることを意味します。短期的には、M&A取引保険ソリューションがディールメーカーにとって貴重なリスク軽減手段として戦略的に活用されることを認知してもらえるよう、市場関係者と協力していきたいと思います」と語っています。