40th Anniversary

Turning data into directions

BMS is proud to offer exceptional risk insights to clients through our award winning BMS iVision™ platform which are augmented with further understanding from our in-house meteorologist.

One of the key imperatives in creating a long-term profitable insurance programme is understanding the interplay of the key risk issues and its impact on business strategies.

In 2010, BMS launched its proprietary spatial analytics platform, BMS iVision™. Supplied free to clients, it delivers deep risk insights, helping improve underwriting, manage claims expenses and address portfolio risk.

By modelling a wide range of risk scenarios, it delivers a comprehensive view of a client’s portfolio risk as well as including historical, predicted and free-draw storm paths.

iVision’s™ innovative and customised features have won awards and plaudits from CIR, ESRI as well as worldwide reinsurance and London markets.