40th Anniversary

Challenging the traditional broker model

The Canadian Affinity business was built with the objective to disrupt and challenge the traditional broker model and offering delivered to association programs and group structured portfolios. This was done through combining dynamic human capital with sophisticated technology to focus on exceptional lean service delivery, and partnership.

This has resulted in numerous Association clients further connected with their global counterparts through their Insurance Programs, delivering unprecedented data, resources and ongoing collaboration opportunities.

Instead of a simply commoditised transfer of risk, BMS developed a value-driven approach to clients genuinely different from anything offered to them before that aligns stakeholders and interests to ultimately benefit the client maximising empirical data outcomes and leveraging scale.

As a result, since its inception in 2013, BMS Canada Affinity has a 100% association client retention rate and has grown from one client to more than 100 national and provincial associations representing 600,000+ professionals and businesses. The Affinity team has been nationally recognised, winning Outstanding Customer Service by a Brokerage 2017, named as one of the Top Insurance Workplaces 2019, and placed in the leading 5 Top Brokerages 2020.

“BMS’s insurance programme is creating a new narrative”

National CEO Association (May 2019)

Today, the BMS Affinity model is delivered in markets around the world with a rapidly expanding growth opportunity recognised as a global leader in this space.