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Marine Cargo

At BMS Harris & Dixon Marine we specialise in the placement of a wide variety of Marine Cargo risks whether by sea, land or air, anywhere in the world.

Cover is individually tailored to the Insured’s needs and will include an appropriate range of extensions providing wider coverage than what is normally offered under standard Institute or Market clauses. We operate a general cargo facility (that includes stock throughput) where the vast majority of risks have to be agreed on by the leading Underwriter only, enabling us to offer an efficient service with a quick turnaround.

The risks that can be declared to this facility include all nature of cargoes including storage risks before, during or after the transit.

Level of Cover

  • All risks of physical loss or damage as per the relevant Institute Clauses with a number of tailored extensions
  • Coverage also includes the relevant Institute War and Strikes Clauses; however additional War-on-Land cover is also available for high risks areas such as Iraq or Afghanistan
  • Cover can also include consequential loss and business interruption


  • Limits of up to $70m on any one conveyance or location
  • War-on-Land up to $12.5m on any one conveyance or location


  • 100% Lloyd’s Underwriters

Territorial Limits

  • Worldwide

Cargoes Typically Insured

  • Project cargoes including machinery and heavy-lift cargoes
  • Oil & Gas cargoes
  • Dry-Bulk cargoes
  • General cargoes of all description
  • Consumable and Seafood cargoes