Kidnap and Extortion for Ransom worldwide is increasing and estimated to be in the tens of thousands each year, though much remains unreported.

Aside from the personal trauma, businesses, organisations and individuals can suffer significant potential loss from ransom payments, associated costs, business interruption, litigation, adverse publicity and long term reputational damage.

Any companies with employees operating or travelling overseas, especially in high-risk territories in Africa, Asia, the Middle-East and Latin America should consider the threat to individuals, reputation and business continuity. Threats can include kidnap, physical harm to personnel, blackmail, damage to property or the exposure of confidential information or data.

BMS’s Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion products provide considerably more that just Ransom protection. Each policy can be tailored to the client depending on their specific circumstances and our market position allows us to adapt to a fast moving global market and ensure our insurance products evolve to respond to the changing needs of our clients.

Key Cover Features Available

  • Kidnap, extortion or piracy – ransom reimbursement, including ransom lost in transit
  • Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation
  • Disappearance Investigation and Expense
  • Express Kidnap
  • Hostage Crisis
  • Loss of Earnings including those arising from a computer virus
  • Product recall and destruction costs
  • Threat – expenses associated without a ransom demand
  • Wrongful Detention
  • Personal Accident
  • Specialist full time Crisis Response Consultant costs

Our team is capable of handling all insurance requirements of a project, and by working closely with specialist markets we provide comprehensive and cost effective programmes across a number of disciplines.


  • Minimum ‘A’ Rated


  • Up to $25m per Insured Event


  • Corporate Protection: which typically covers all Directors, Officers and Employees or Named Persons
  • Maritime Piracy Threat: designed to provide cover for Ship owners, Managers and Charterers whose crew, vessels and assets are exposed to increasing High Risk Areas on the high seas and port locations
  • Family Protection: cover for private individuals and named persons. Confidentiality is our priority and we maintain a policy of strict non-disclosure with client details
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