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BMS has entered into an exclusive partnership with RTI International, one of the world’s leading research institutes, to offer clients award-winning Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) services that have a proven track record in managing complex business operations. The BMS/RTI partnership assures that your business will be handled by dedicated risk management professionals who have strong insurance industry experience and know how to make best practices work for you.

Most organizations already have solid risk management practices in place that can be built into a cohesive network for sharing information – and our trusted partner, RTI International, can help with that.

To put it simply, our partnership with RTI means you’ll be better equipped to understand and manage risks that arise, and better able to see the bigger picture of risk your organization faces.

Point-in-Time Assessment

The Point-in-Time Assessment process employs web-based questionnaires, focus groups and interviews with management to identify key risk areas, and then assesses those areas against critical criteria such as loss of business, legal and regulatory liability, and injury / loss of life. Point-in-Time assessments let you determine risk areas of interest against risk criteria including:

  • Significant financial impact
  • Loss of client relationships
  • Significant legal liability
  • Personal harm or loss of life

Customizable Risk Reporting

Risk Snapshot provides need-to-know information – capturing top risks by organization and business unit, changes in key risk indicators and supporting leadership commentary.

To provide ongoing monitoring, Risk Dashboard is a forward-looking tool that captures quantitative and qualitative predictive key risk indicators faced by the organization, in a stoplight-based format.

Risk Area Reports provide operational-level summaries that offer a deep-dive view of key risk area activities.

Emerging risks include:

  • Black Swan / Catastrophic Assessment
  • Top Strategic Risks
  • Top Trending Risks

Emerging Risk Assessment

Emerging Risk Assessment involves the development of processes to identify and escalate risks within the organization.

Process Development Steps include:

  • Risk Identification
  • Escalation Management
  • Approval Authority Framework

RTI International: A Trusted Partner

As one of the world’s leading research institutes, it is RTI’s mission to improve the human condition by turning knowledge into practice. RTI’s primary objective is to provide clients with the highest-quality research and technical services. As such, RTI’s scientists and researchers are committed to the highest standards of scientific integrity, impartiality and objectivity.

RTI is a thriving company with a staff of more than 3,700 in more than 75 countries, including research staff experts in the areas of environment and energy, risk analysis, decisions analysis and statistics, advanced technology, international development, economic and social policy, and analytical laboratory and chemistry services.

RTI’s internal ERM program has won awards including:

  • Treasury & Risk Magazine’s Alexander Hamilton Award: Editor’s Choice (2012)
  • Treasury & Risk Magazine’s Alexander Hamilton Silver Award: Best Practices in ERM (2010)
  • Corporate Executive Board’s Force of Ideas Award Winner for Strategic Risk Management (2009)
  • Treasury & Risk Magazine’s Alexander Hamilton Gold Award: Best Practices in ERM (2008 & 2009)
Long-term, ERM improves risk response by shifting focus from reactive to anticipatory, and reduces operational surprises and losses. David Spiegler, Executive Vice President and Chief Actuary
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