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Catastrophe Analytics

We focus our modeling solutions to allow you to make truly informed decisions

“BMS’ Catastrophe Analytics team has really helped facilitate the profitability of our coastal business through its iVision platform. They work closely with our personal and commercial lines underwriters, actuaries and product managers to develop custom features built specific to Main Street’s needs. This has been beneficial for our existing portfolio as well as our decisions on new business.”

Dan Gaynor, Chief Underwriting Officer, Main Street America Group

BMS catastrophe solutions are designed to give new insights into areas that can affect your capital; whether from assessment of disaster scenarios to maximising control over policy selection before the risk is in your portfolio, we have the tools to assist.

Our Products and Services – Minimizing your risk. Maximising your profits.

In today’s world, protecting your capital is paramount for your organization. With catastrophe losses on the rise, stagnant investment income and challenging growth environment, the challenge is great to ensure that your capital is not adversely affected.

We want you to understand your risks like never before. Accordingly, our analytics are delivered to you through our proprietary BMS iVision™ portfolio management system.

BMS iVision™ is 100% owned by BMS, built on leading-edge technology and built to our clients’ specifications based on what you need to manage your risk – it is like no other system available today. Our offer is shaped around insights into:

Claims and Event Response

Catastrophe Forecast and Catastrophe Response: Enhance customer service and reduce claim costs through our catastrophe forecast and response analytics, BMS iVision™ will permit you to mobilize your catastrophe response within minutes of an event happening by overlaying the most damaging areas of a storm on your policy locations for the most precise analysis available today.

You can immediately email a list of affected policies to your internal catastrophe response teams and third-party partners to limit your loss exposure. Your agents and producers can provide enhanced customer service to your policy holders by contacting them immediately following an event. We are proud to offer our clients Respond® weather data from Verisk Climate.

Storm Reporter - email alerts of catastrophe events impacting your policyholders

Track of 2017 Atlantic Hurricanes as shown in BMS iVision using Verisk Climate Respond® data

Portfolio Management

Manage your capital more effectively and refine your growth and marketing plans through our sophisticated portfolio management analytics.

Density Identifier™: Assessing accumulations of risk in your portfolio is made easy through our analysis, which scans your portfolio and identifies the areas of greatest concentration of risk per square mile.

Growth Outlook: A strategic planning process for analyzing where to best grow your portfolio while managing risk levels to achieve your profit goals. You can analyze various scenarios to determine optimal growth solutions for your company.

Portfolio optimization: Protect your capital through the careful and deliberate selection of risk with our portfolio optimization techniques to effectively assess the risk / reward trade-offs of changing your exposure levels.

Scenario View™: A stress-test analysis that helps you assess your capital requirements to support large, realistic or ‘characteristic’ events. You can review scenarios all across your portfolio and project losses for maximum flexibility to explore all aspects of your portfolio risk. No other product offers the flexibility to create your own scenarios and assess potential losses.

Scenario View hurricane event in New Jersey with projected loss of $116M

Underwriting Analytics

Risk Reveal™ within BMS iVision™: Understand the individual location risk and catastrophe cost before you bind the policy. Understand the distance to coast or earthquake fault, proximity to local hazards, and the number of existing policies and TIV in the area immediately around the location being underwritten.

Risk Reveal™ is uniquely linked to your existing portfolio so that you can understand the correlation with your existing policies.

With Risk Reveal™ you can ensure you have adequate premium to cover the catastrophe risk, with the ability to model an estimated AAL before you bind the policy.

BMS is proud to offer our clients access to AIR Worldwide and RMS catastrophe models through BMS iVision™.

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iVision provides the tools for underwriting profitability, claims expense reduction and portfolio risk management, specifically developed to meet client needs. iVision’s innovative and customized features have led to awards and commendations from CIR, ESRI, Worldwide Reinsurance and London Markets. Julie Serakos, Executive Vice President
Julie Serakos
Julie Serakos Executive Vice President
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Kirk Conrad Chief Analytics Officer
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