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Actuarial Services

We offer a flexible, niche approach

BMS provides analytical support and guidance to its clients across the full spectrum of analytical service segments. We are committed to delivering leading-edge analytics to enhance your decision-making process.

We do not work to a ‘one size fits all’ system. We perform a variety of detailed analyses to determine the optimal reinsurance solution for each client that is tailored to your requirements. With a wealth of experience and understanding, our actuarial team offers a comprehensive range of services:

Reinsurance structure retention analysis

Helps you avoid the frictional cost of dollar trading in high-frequency layers and identify the reinsurance retention options that make the most sense for you.

Technical pricing

Forecasts the expected pricing responses from reinsurers, ensuring arguments can be prepared to allow us to negotiate pricing from a position of power.

Dynamic financial analysis

Allows you to explicitly consider the inherent variability of the losses being reinsured then compare the effectiveness of one reinsurance program versus another based on your own specific criteria.

Risk transfer analysis

Helps you support your determination of risk transfer sufficiency to auditors and regulatory authorities.

Rating agency advisory services

Assists you to effectively manage your relationship with rating agencies, such as A.M. Best, and helps you think about and address key issues, such as catastrophe management, Enterprise Risk Management, rating agency presentations, SRQs, etc.

General actuarial consulting

We also assist with all the general actuarial consulting services our clients may need, including helping to evaluate new states or lines of business, assisting with rate filings and providing independent reviews of third-party actuarial analyses, etc.

Predictive modeling

From analysis to implementation, we will assist you in uncovering the predictive value underlying your data. Whether it’s related to pricing (eg, rating plan analysis, territory development, tiering and scorecard development), underwriting (eg, risk selection, renewal audit algorithms) or claims (eg, settlement value estimation, settlement process evaluation, early warning indicators, fraud detection), we’ll help you use the most recent advances in predictive modelling to enhance your book of business.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

BMS provides our clients with resources that will help them improve their Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs.

BMS helps insurance companies develop ERM programs that:

  • Adopt best practices for enterprise risk management
  • Determine how much risk is acceptable
  • Balance risk against advantages for specific activities
  • Exploit beneficial opportunities
  • Focus on proactive risk management rather than reactive crisis management
  • Provide multi-level reporting
  • Minimize operational surprises
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
Sophisticated analysis that gives you a genuine risk transfer solution and competitive advantage. David Spiegler, Executive Vice President and Chief Actuary
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Kurt Johnson
Kurt Johnson Executive Vice President
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Kirk Conrad Chief Analytics Officer